Promoting Fashion in New Zealand

With over 35 years experience in manufacturing, importing and marketing ladies fashion apparel, Peters’ Fashion Distributors sales agents travel extensively throughout New Zealand promoting a variety of women’s fashion labels and brands to the retail sector.
See our case study as an example of what we do well.
Our knowledge and expertise is second to none, contact us to discuss how we might help you promote your fashion label.


Suppliers of Vivid, Yesadress and Portobello Clothing in New Zealand

If you are a retailer and would like to be a stockist of a Vivid, Yesadress or Portobello brand please contact us to enquire whether we can supply your area and to arrange an agent to call on you.
If you are a personal shopper that would like to know outlets where you can purchase Vivid, Yesadress or Portobello Labels in New Zealand please contact us to enquire.